Friday, April 08, 2005

Mississippi Mud Still On My Car

I woke up this morning and high tailed it to LB's apt to help hook up her high speed internet. It was a clear and cool morning, much like the one last Thursday... the day we left for Oxford. A flood of emotions and memories just a week old ran through my mind. As I thought of the trip I was reminded that I hadn't written a thing about it. So, let me take you back to Thursday March 31st and we'll start our story.

Like I said, it was a clear and cool morning. The sky was as blue as could be (I was going to say as blue as her eyes, but that's just a little too sappy and romantic and completely true). I arrived around 8:30am and was very happy to see my sweetheart. We packed up her stuff in the CRV and had to make a quick stop at the bank to get some cash.

The drive down was relaxing for me. Being with her was relaxing for me. Then I remembered that the closer we got to our destination the closer I was to meeting her parents. So my mind would drift back and forth between being completely relaxed to thinking about a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. I've driven I65 south to Nashville a million times, so once we hit I40 west towards Memphis the scenery would help take my mind off of things. We stopped in Jackson, TN and for gas and lunch, then we hit the back roads all the way to Oxford. Laura Beth took the wheel and drove us into a new frontier for me. The back roads and country side of southwest TN and into Mississippi are beautiful. If for no other reason than they are different from that of which I am used to. Cudzoo started to dominate the landscape the further south she drove me into this state of Mississippi. A place I've not been, only heard her speak of very fondly. We pulled into Oxford and as we drove past large houses and nicely landscaped yards with flowers and trees in bloom, Laura Beth would talk about the ones she was familiar with. We drove the around the Square (I saw a sign that said the Square was the Center of the Universe) and around looking at the different houses. I was getting more nervious by the minute because I knew eventually one of the houses was going to be hers. We pulled up in the driveway of a very pretty house on a nice sized lot with pretty trees all around. She parked the car in a spot I could imagine her parking in after school when she lived there. She turned the car off. I took a few deep breaths and looked at her. She asked me if I was ready... and I said "as I'll ever be..." Then, we got out and headed for the front door...


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What?! C'mon! How's the rest of the story go? You can't just leave a guy hangin'...

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